We have carried out various research and development in making these brick plants machineries. Our ongoing and ambitious efforts in Flyash technology, we are continuously updating and innovating of these machines.

You will find onsite working machine’s video on YouTube by search of “BUILDWELL®BRICK MACHINES”. Here you will see the production process from start to end i.e. feeding raw materials to final product and its smooth functioning.

Process PANMIXER is made from Sturdy Steel with 2 nos. of Rollers and 2 nos. of Arms for the accurate mixing of raw material. It is support to flow of ready mix materials and Brick Press timely/without Break. The ready mix wet material collected in overhead storage bin fitted on Brick Press unit. Materials will fall down in the feeder box gradually and Hydraulic Pressure unit press and shaped mixed materials and finally sharpen Angled ready Green Bricks comes out in numbers of 6 /9/14/16 per pallet bricks on waterproof wooden pallet.

Power Pack is specially designed with Germen brand Rethrox and Yuken valves with oil cooling pump which helps machine to work smoothly even in hottest weather without break down. The complete mechanism / machine parts are functioning through PLC only.

BUILDWELL provides 20 foot Green Bricks conveying Rail to avoid breakage during shifting of ready green bricks to storage palace/ stock yard.
We have a technically advanced manufacturing unit with well-trained innovative engineers and mechanical team.

We are offering machine series for the multiple products i.e. FLY ASH Bricks,  Pavers, CC Pre cast tiles, Hollow and Solid Blocks, Curbstones with a quality Benchmark. “BUILDWELL” makes fully automatic Bricks-Blocks-Pavers making machines which are unique and Eco friendly.. Our machines works superbly in lower production cost in compare to German and Chinese made machines.

Our fully automatic machine plant’s includes Auto Weighting System 3 way bin material batcher, Silo for FLY ASH storage, Silo for Cement storage, Pan Mixer with 2 nos. of Hydraulic Hoppers, Belt Conveyor, Brick Press, Power Pack, Green Bricks conveying Rail, PLC for Electro Mechanical process and Bricks shifting Hydraulic Pallet Trucks. This fully Automatic Machine Produces 25,000 nos. of bricks and working of two shifts getting production of 50,000 Bricks which result in minimization of manpower in production.

We are provides Civil Drawing and layout plans to our customer in advance once they confirmed the order for installation and erection of machine accurately